Stunning chrysoprase, silver and 14ct gold necklace.

Beautiful stones passed down through the family and strung with Black onyx and placed with a found shell segment cast in silver.

18ct gold commitment band for a male client.

Locally found shell cast in silver with 18ct gold and silver embellishment.

Beautiful recycled gold pebble made from clients old gold pieces, with gold vermeil crescent moon and shell on the clients silver ring with a touch of chrysoprase.

Green onyx and gold vermeil Zoe Pendant

Mixed metals oval hoops necklace

Repurposed Edwardian muff chain and handmade T bar with matching bracelet and the Out of Exile coin.

Clients coral beads from world travels made into a necklace and matching earrings

Black tourmaline and gold honesty petal necklace, tourmaline for protection.