Feeling Blue


These special London Blue Topaz stones have been strung simply with gold to maximum effect.

These are AA+ grade London blue topaz coin beads. Excellent clarity and a beautiful rich deep blue colour. They are paired with 14ct gold filled spacers, but there is an option for 9ct solid gold spacers …please get in touch if you would like to discuss that option.

The piece is strung with approximately 19-20 stones and gold filled drawn cable chain. The necklace is 16″ BUT customised length is possible if you would like it shorter or a fraction longer.

The blue is the most flattering shade of deep sky blue reminiscent of the most wonderful summer sky. It will suit most skin tones and looks beautiful layered with a longer piece.

You may find slight difference in sizes but essentially the individual stones measure approximately  8mm x 5.5-6mm.

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