Anna Mata Round bangle in Gold or Silver


Part of the Mata collection and formulated in conjunction with Anna Pugh, the bangle is made from 3mm round silver wire, with recycled bauble embellishments at four points. Each piece is made individually and although the general patterns and indentations on the bangle will be similar …no two will be the same. The bangle weighs 16g.

NB please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

Please choose your size, small, med or large, by measuring circumference of your hand at the widest point when you pinch your thumb and index finger together, across the knuckles. Use drop down under ring size.

S 20cm

M 21cm

L 22cm

XL 23cm


Alternately check any bangle you already own and measure the diameter …

  • Extra Small Size Bangle: Internal diameter of 57mm
  • Regular Size Bangle: Internal Diameter of 63mm – 66mm, this size fits the majority of womens wrists.
  • Large Size Bangle: Internal Diameter of 67mm or larger
  • Extra Large Size Bangle: Internal Diameter of 71mm –

Please get in touch if you are in doubt !

Silver bangles also available. Please use the drop down menu.