Out of Exile coin necklace – Charitable donation to The Enthum Organistaion


These coins have been cast from an original Syrian coin, dating back probably 800 years. This particular one hangs on an oxidised silver diamond chain, no longer available – please choose from the gold filled option below. Use the drop down menu to choose length.

The coin you receive may be slightly different form the one pictured, maybe with a different bail or additional gold blob.

It has been cast and embellished to make pendants, each one is different with unique additions, for every sale made, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to The Enthum Foundation.

Enthum House was inspired by the founders’ volunteering, campaigning and fundraising work for unaccompanied minors during 2015 – 2016 in the Calais Jungle, Northern France’s unofficial refugee camp, where they became aware of the lack of residential provisions for young people who were lucky enough to make it to safety in the UK. They provide accommodation and emotional support for unaccompanied young refugees, aged between 16-18.

Please checkout their website for more information.