Handcrafted Silver and Gold Jewellery with a conscience.

**Please note that with an increase in material costs and a move to Fairmined gold in some cases, my prices have had to have a small increase.

As always I understand jewellery to be a considered purchase and when you order a piece from me, I will do everything to ensure you have the piece you love that should last a lifetime.

I can now happily say that 90% of metals used are recycled, having opted for Eco silver or reusing any metal I have in stock. The gold I am using is either recycled 9ct gold or gold vermeil. I am also now a licensed Fairmined Brand.

As you may know the collections made are very small, with pieces often being one-offs and going forward more pieces will be made to order to reduce waste, so if you have an urgent time frame please get in touch directly and I will do my best to help. As each piece is made individually, there may be slight differences form the piece that is pictured – not a huge difference, but you can depend on the originality of each piece.

All the stones I currently use, both precious and semi precious, have been sourced form trusted suppliers ensuring they are conflict free and have been sourced from smaller artisanal mines that pay fair wages and have reasonable working conditions. However, there is always some kind of environmental impact so bearing that in mind I would like to be able to use more vintage or archaic relics from sustainable sources such as glass.

Currently my packaging is both recycled and recyclable, I reuse postage packets where possible.

In these difficult times I appreciate more than ever the support of customers and fellow small business owners and I am grateful to be in a position to be able to help in some small way.

My jewellery is not mass produced and my outlets are modest so when you buy, you are really are supporting a small business.  THANKYOU !